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Ms King's Class

Welcome to the exciting world of Science and Social Studies. An opportunity to gain knowledge by exploring the world around us and understand the culture and history of our nation and our state, Ms King's Grade 3-5 Science and Social Studies class. An Extraordinary 2018-2019 school year!
Week of 11-10 to 12-14 Science and Social Studies
Grade 5 Science 
Study Unit: What is the water cycle? 5.8B 
Words to know: water vapor, water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation
Ideas in Science:Know how clouds form, understand condensation, and know the parts of the cycle
Grade 5 Social Studies: Test all 50 states (Dec. 11)
Unit of Study: American Revolution- On the Battlefield
Summary: Studying the actual fighting during the American Revolution
Terms to Know:
mercenary, enlist, retreat, morale, alliance
Grade 4 Science: 
Unit of Study: What is weathering and deposition? 4.7B
Terms to Know: crust, landform, weathering, erosion, deposition
Tools Used in Science:
safety goggles
Grade 4 Social Studies: Test all 50 states Dec. 11
Unit of Study: Texas Revolution
Terms to Know: tax, convention, dictator, right, delegate, republic, petition
Grade 3 Science; 3.7B, C - How do we describe features of Earth's Surface?
 Terms to Know: landform, erosion
 Grade 3 Social Studies: Test Dec 11, 2018 (All 50 states and capitals) 
Unit of Study: Our Constitutional Republic
Terms to Know: constitutional republic, represent, liberty
Introduction to U.S. History of Forming U.S. Government
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Please check interactive notebooks everyday. Our notebooks become our books! Most grades for classwork and homework are in student notebooks. Any questions, please contact me. Looking forward to the rest of the year working together to bring out the very best in your child's academic endeavors.