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Message from the Superintendent


Dear Families of Two Dimensions,


The Two Dimensions Board, staff and myself, want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to another new and exciting school year.  The 2019-2020 school year is our 21st year as a Charter School in the State of Texas.  We take this fact in the highest esteem.  We realize that to be a Charter School this long with the Texas Education Agency, we must have maintained and will continue to maintain high standards and provide high quality educational instructions for our children and staff in order to continue making an impact on Education. 


We have spent most of the summer preparing for this coming school year. The classrooms are fresh, we’ve even added some new staff.  That means that we are growing.  How exciting!  We believe that the beginning of school is one of the most exciting events one can have.  New clothes, new school supplies, new friends and new teachers.  Yes, it is like “A NEW YEAR”.  As we begin this new school year, again, we realize that we are allowed a fresh start at what we do each year.  With a new start, we have an opportunity to get better at what we do.  We have an opportunity again, to work closer with our families that have chosen to join us.




Our Board has endeavored to enhance the education of our students by adopting these yearly goals.  These goals are

  • Recruit, support and retain Qualified Teachers, Principals and Staff Members
  • Continue Building a Strong Foundation in Reading and Math
  • Connect Students to Pursue Career and College Anticipation
  • Engagement of Family Members to be Partners With and To Our School 

We will achieve these goals with excitement and with your support because we are a new family.  Our new handbook is designed to be in harmony with School Board Policy.  Please review each section carefully.  It is updated yearly.  There are changes and revisions that may occur.  In case of conflict between Board Policy and any provision of our Handbook, the provision that was most recently adopted by the Board of Directors will be followed.


Finally, we ask that you sign and return the last pages of our new Handbook to the Building Principal.  Again, welcome to an exciting new school year to all of our family.




Daisy Simpson,