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School History


Two Dimensions' charter was granted in September 1998 to Two Dimensions Preparatory Academy Inc., a non-profit organization founded by Pastor C. Simpson in 1990 for the education of all children. Two Dimensions is a ten-month education program for students currently in grades Pre-School-5th. Using the thematic method, our goal is to train students to use their reasoning skills on a day-to-day situation. Currently, Two Dimensions has an enrollment of approximately 600 students who reside in the Aldine ISD, Corsicana ISD, Cypress-Fairbanks (Cy-Fair) ISD, Houston ISD, Klein ISD, and Spring ISD. Our teaching staff consists of approximately 50 full time educators.


It is our assignment as educators to facilitate change in the educational fiber of our city, state, and nation. This will be achieved by providing our students with a firm academic foundation, a challenging curriculum, competent teachers, high expectations, a beautiful and well-disciplined environment, and strong leadership.


A Challenging Curriculum includes what is to be taught and what is to be learned. It emphasizes high standards, reflects expectations beyond the basic skills and should be relevant to the success of all students.


Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress is a method of improving our educational process. Two Dimensions' believes you must inspect what you expect! To ensure a high level of academic achievement, students' progress must be frequently evaluated, monitored, and adjusted.


Competent Teachers know how to design lessons to help students on different levels reach mastery. They are creative, have high expectations and are extremely good with classroom management. These teachers are committed to the vision of the school. A competent teacher employs commitment, dedication, and hard work ethics that go far beyond the call of duty.


High Expectations must be a priority in the educational process of our school. Teachers must have a clear idea of what is expected of the students and the students must know exactly what the teacher expects from them.


Parental Involvement is a vital part of this principle. The education of young people represents a partnership among many people and especially between parents and teachers. Parents are responsible for collaborating with the teacher, assisting with homework, and following up on school issues regarding their child. Sign the student agenda and homework assignments every day. Ensure that student returns both agenda and homework assignments signed daily.


A Beautiful and Well-Discipline Environment is a necessity. Who said schools had to be drab and unattractive? The appropriate attainment of knowledge can and should take place in pleasant surroundings whenever possible. A well-disciplined environment is imperative to the effectiveness of our school.


Strong Leadership is one of the major factors in a successful school. The leader must be committed to the vision of the school. Strong leadership employs commitment, dedication, and hard work ethics that go far beyond the call of duty and the ability to inspire others to do the same.